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The refurbishment was part of a larger project to upgrade five cranes. For the pair of Swansea-based portal dockside cranes, RSS provided the rigging equipment necessary as a mobile crane dismantled each crane in three pieces. Once the same lifting gear was resupplied to reassemble the cranes, RSS conducted thorough examination and testing in line with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). Steve Hutin, managing director at RSS, explained that the biggest challenge was encountered by the centre of gravity of the middle section of the cranes that included the operators cabin. He said: We knew the section was 50t in weight but the centre of gravity was out so we used two [MOD 50] Modulift spreader beams in close proximity. RSS utilised fixed lifting attachments on the front of the cabins, while two 30t chain blocks were used on the back with a flat braided wire rope sling that was manufactured to lift level. As with the other two sections, the main piece was lowered onto stools for transportation. Hutin added that the jib and lower partsthe cranes weighed 65t in totalwere lighter and posed less problems from a rigging perspective. Roundslings were used for these lifting operations. Derryl Godwin, site engineer at RSS, led LOLER examination and testing once the refurbished cranes were reinstalled in Swansea. He spent a day inspecting working parts, welds, wire rope and the hook, among other structural elements of the cranes. Godwin was among a five-strong team from the South Wales lifting equipment company that were involved in the project over a six-month period following an initial site visit to contribute to a safe system of work. The Port of Newport is a steel, metals, recycling, and renewable energy hub, while the Port of Swansea has capacity to handle vessels of up to 30,000 deadweight tonnage (dwt) and provides berths and facilities for most types of cargo.

It is citing the need for a leaner VA as it develops a longer-term plan to allow more lifting equipment rental veterans to seek medical care in the private sector. (Photo: Carolyn Kaster / AP, file) CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN COMMENTEMAILMORE Washington Despite the lifting of a federal hiring freeze, the Department of Veterans Affairs is leaving thousands of positions unfilled, citing the need for a leaner VA as it develops a longer-term plan to allow more veterans to seek medical care in the private sector. The order by VA Secretary David Shulkin is described in an internal April 14 memorandum obtained by The Associated Press. The VA indicated it would proceed with filling open positions previously exempted under the hiring freeze. Noting that the White House had ordered all departments to be leaner and more accountable, the VA indicated that more than 4,000 jobs would still be left vacant unless they were specially approved position by position by top VA leadership as addressing an absolute critical need. These positions include roughly 4,000 in the VAs health arm and 200 in benefits, plus more than 400 information technology positions and over a 100 human resource positions, according to VA data provided to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee earlier this month. Government auditors have previously faulted the department for recent shortages in IT and HR, which it said it had hurt its ability to recruit and hire key staff department-wide. Major veterans organizations also worry this could be a sign of future tightening at the VA, coming after the department had previously warned it would need hiring surges to address a rapidly growing disability backlog. The groups have cautioned against any privatization efforts at the VA that could expand private care for veterans while reducing investment in the VA itself. It seems to a reversal of what they have been saying, and its disappointing, said Garry Augustine, executive director of Disabled American Veterans Washington headquarters. Carlos Fuentes, legislative director of Veterans of Foreign Wars, said his group was concerned the VA would overlook positions that didnt directly affect health care, such as staffing of its suicide prevention hotline.

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